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Netflix to Launch Festive Films Ahead of Christmas

Date: 2023-11-16

Netflix to Launch Festive Films Ahead of Christmas

Currently in the month of November, we are nearing the end of the year which only means one thing: Christmas is coming! Netflix is set to begin the holiday season by launching new festive films for their subscribers. We look at the Netflix films that are up and coming this month. By: Dylan Low

There are so many trending movies on Netflix to look out for, centered around the Christmas holidays and the festive season.

One such film is The Claus Family 3. Set to be released on 8th November, this third installment of the Dutch-Belgian film series continues the uplifting chapter of gift-giving. This trilogy entails a present delivery going awry which places Grandpa Noël, who is Santa, in trouble. His grandchildren Jules and Noor hence must work together in an attempt to save Christmas

The movie casts main characters Jan Decleir as Noël Claus, Amber Metdepenningen as Noor Claus, Mo Bakker as Jules Claus, Bracha van Doesburgh as Suzanne, Sien Eggers as Jet, Kürt Rogiers as Jef, Yassine Ouaich as Haroun, R. Kan Albay as Pablo, Eva van der Gucht as Gunna. The fantasy film is directed and written by Ruben Vandenborre. Initially made in Belgium, it made its Netflix debut in 2020, with a follow-up film that came in 2021.

Another film that has garnered much attention to its premiere is Best.Christmas.Ever!. Set to be launched on 16th November, it is a prominent Christmas release that showcases main characters Brandy Norwood as Jackie and Heather Graham as Charlotte. This trending romantic comedy is directed by Mary Lambert and is based on an original story by Charles Shyer and Todd Calgi Gallicano.

The story is fixated on the dynamic of these two old friends with a complicated history and rivalry. Charlotte looks to uncover and expose Jackie’s seemingly perfect life with riches and a talented family, as their two families interact amidst the festive season.

A notable cartoon film by the name of The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday will be coming up 30th November. Unlike the other suggested films, this short film is animated as it features Mr. Wolf and his criminal gang of characters. Their plan to execute a city heist during the festivities was affected with Christmas being cancelled, hence they have to do something unthinkable by saving Christmas and acting as replacement Santas. Made by Dreamswork Animation and directed by Bret Haaland, this Christmas special is only 22 minutes long, which is situated before the events of the original film. With the first movie achieving box office success - a gross worldwide income of $250 million, this special Netflix episode hopes to replicate similar results.

With these many films keeping you viewers at home company, simply sit back and enjoy the Netflix shows ahead of the Christmas season. Happy Holidays!

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