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Eazie TV: A Game-Changer in Singapore's Streaming Landscape

Date: 2023-11-17

Eazie TV: A Game-Changer in Singapore's Streaming Landscape

Singapore's Eazie TV shakes up the streaming scene with a diverse lineup of over 75 live TV channels, including Mezzo Live, Qello Concerts, and more. Discover a new era in entertainment! By: Wee Yan Ling

THEMA, a Canal+ company, has partnered with Eazie TV, a Singapore-based streaming service set to redefine the way people consume television. This platform provides a plethora of thematic channels to viewers by offering a seamless viewing experience with a cancel-anytime subscription plan.

Eazie TV users get to enjoy an impeccable lineup of channels which includes Mezzo Live, Qello Concerts, FilmBox Arthouse, Dizi Channel and INPLUS. The channels cater to a wide range of tastes ranging from classical music to live concerts featuring top-selling artists across genres. 

Eazie TV is available on a myriad of app and device ecosystems, spanning from IOS, Google Play, Apple TV, Android TV, LG, Samsung and web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Singaporean viewers get to enjoy a special offering due to the exclusive partnership with the local telco, M1. Subscribers get to access more than 75 channels from global and regional TV networks via the app. The simplicity and hassle-free platform offers a one-pack, no-contract, cancel-anytime solution, making TV truly easy for viewers.

For M1 customers, subscription rates start as low as S$19.98 while external users can enjoy the platform at $24.98. M1 customers with mobile, fibre or Maxx plans are in for a treat as they are able to enjoy a 30-day complimentary subscription. 

Their attractive content lineup includes Discovery’s mind-bending documentaries, Nickelodeon’s beloved giggles as well as heart-racing drama from Hunan TV International. Eazie TV brings an impressive library of content to the screens of Singaporeans all at your own convenience. 

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