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UNIVERSUM Earns Prestigious NaturVision Award

Date: 2023-07-31

UNIVERSUM Earns Prestigious NaturVision Award

ORF Enterprise's acclaimed blue-chip documentary series, "UNIVERSUM," has secured the esteemed "NaturVision Camera Award" at the prestigious NaturVision Festival in Ludwigsburg. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Ludwigsburg/Vienna - The award-winning documentary, a co-production by ScienceVision, ORF, and ARTE, funded by the Austrian Film Fund and VAM in cooperation with ORF-Enterprise, was recognized for its exceptional camera work. In particular, Michael Schlamberger's "The Return of the Aurochs" was a standout film in the "UNIVERSUM" collection of documentaries. The jury's praise emphasized the film's ability to wordlessly convey the majestic power and significance of the aurochs, a species of wild cattle, which has a profound influence on its habitat and landscapes.

"The Return of the Aurochs" is an ambitious project aiming to revive one of Europe's largest terrestrial animals, representing a vital step in reestablishing wilderness within the continent. Through its compelling storytelling and exquisite camera work, the documentary creates an immersive experience for audiences.

"The awe-inspiring cave paintings of our ancestors leave us in no doubt about this," the jury's statement reads, highlighting the documentary's masterful play with light and breathtaking image composition. The film's ability to seamlessly shift from grand panoramas to intricate details captivated the jury, effectively bringing viewers closer to the aurochs and the story of their return.

"The Return of the Aurochs" continues to garner international attention and is distributed globally by ORF-Enterprise.

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