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Xavier Giannoli's 'Of Money and Blood' Selected for 80th Venice International Film Festival

Date: 2023-07-31

Xavier Giannoli's 'Of Money and Blood' Selected for 80th Venice International Film Festival

The anticipated series, a CANAL+ Creation Originale based on Fabrice Arfi's book of the same name, is set to premiere exclusively on CANAL+ in France this autumn.

Venice - Making his mark in television series, Xavier Giannoli brings to life "Of Money and Blood," drawing inspiration from the astounding tale of the carbon tax scam. The story follows customs inspector Simon Weynachter (Vincent Lindon), as he embarks on a relentless pursuit of Jérôme Attias (Niels Schneider) and Alain Fitoussi (Ramzy Bedia), the masterminds behind one of the most significant financial frauds in history.

Set in Paris during 2009, the series unravels the gripping saga of the century's most audacious con. The 'carbon quotas' market, designed to combat pollution, witnesses billions being squandered. A group of small-time criminals from Belleville joins forces with an upper-class trader to orchestrate an epic swindle, where the collision of casino capitalism and politics sparks a chain reaction of human passions transcending mere greed.

Adapted and written by Xavier Giannoli, who also directs the series alongside Frédéric Planchon, "Of Money and Blood" is brought to life under the expert production of Olivier Delbosc from Curiosa Films. The screenplay, a remarkable collaboration between Xavier Giannoli and Jean Baptiste Delafon, promises to deliver a captivating and immersive viewing experience.

The series is set to feature an ensemble cast that comprises talented actors, such as Judith Chemla, David Ayala, Olga Kurylenko, Yvan Attal, André Marcon, Victoire du Bois, Matthias Jacquin, and Lyes Kaouh, who skillfully bring the story to life.

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