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COO of Mattel Steps Down

Date: 2023-08-01

COO of Mattel Steps Down

President and COO of Mattel, Richard Dickson is credited for leading the company’s corporate transformation, including strategising around the much-hyped Barbie movie that opened last week and blew threw revenue expectations, is set to exit this August. By: Talia

Dickson shared, “Mattel is a remarkable company that is heading into an exciting new era. I’m immensely proud of the work we did together driving brand purpose, design innovation, cultural relevance and executional excellence. I thank Ynon (Kreiz, chairman and CEO of Mattel), the board, the leadership team and the entire Mattel organisation for their partnership and the incredible work we did together. It has been an inspiring journey and a true honour to be part of this amazing community and company.”

Kriez said, “On behalf of our board and everyone at Mattel, I thank Richard for his tremendous contributions. Among his many achievements, Richard has led the growth of some of the world’s most iconic and purpose-driven brands. I am personally grateful for the friendship, the partnership and for his work in developing and growing the best brand and franchise team in the business today. We wish Richard great success in his new role.

“Our strong and talented leadership team and the entire brand management organization are in an excellent position to continue to execute our strategy to grow our IP-driven toy business and expand our entertainment offering. Following the incredibly successful Barbie movie release, we look forward to further capitalizing on the many exciting opportunities to capture the full value of our iconic brands outside the toy aisle,” he added.

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