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Asacha Acquires Arrow International Media

Date: 2023-08-03

Asacha Acquires Arrow International Media

Asacha Media Group acquired a majority stake in Arrow International Media. By: Talia

Arrow was established in 2011 by partners Tom Brisley, John Smithson, and Iain Pelling. Its impressive lineup includes noteworthy productions like See No Evil and American Monster for Investigation Discovery, Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom for National Geographic and Disney+, and Seven Days on Mars for BBC.

Looking ahead, Arrow's co-founders, Brisley and Pelling, will continue to lead the company as co-managing directors. However, Smithson has decided to step back from his role within the company. He will fulfil his commitments to ongoing productions before embarking on independent work. Nevertheless, Arrow and Asacha have established a first-look deal for potential collaboration on new projects.

In this new arrangement, Brisley and Pelling will still maintain a minority stake in Arrow. Additionally, Brisley will become a shareholder in Asacha, solidifying their continued partnership.

Asacha’s co-CEOs Gaspard de Chavagnac and Marina William said, “Arrow’s market-leading position in the fast-growing factual space, along with their strong leadership and ambitious plans for the future, make them an ideal fit for Asacha. Bringing them into our group makes us a major player in English-language factual across key markets, including the U.S. and U.K. Our focus will be accelerating Arrow’s growth and extending their reach into new territories as they build on their reputation for world-class series and features that captivate global audiences.”

Brisley added that Asacha is, “One of the hottest groups in the TV industry. They are dynamic and fleet of foot, with excellent relationships across Europe, a market we would love to explore further, as well as having huge international ambitions. With the same culture and high-quality delivery as Arrow, the access they give us to new markets makes them the perfect partner. Becoming part of an independent group allows Arrow the freedom to continue to work for anyone, anywhere and everywhere. We are thrilled to be joining forces with Asacha. They match our ambitions and our understanding of Arrow’s global potential.”

Peiling also shared, “Our commitment to working with the best talent and storytellers remains. Asacha will empower us to grow and develop clients in new territories faster than ever before.”

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