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AXESS Networks Partners ABS to Expand Coverage in the Middle East

Date: 2023-08-07

AXESS Networks Partners ABS to Expand Coverage in the Middle East

The agreement will significantly benefit both terrestrial and maritime clients in the region, bolstering AXESS' dual-use strategy for the ABS-2A satellite. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Germany/Dubai - This expansion complements AXESS' existing Ku-band satellite coverage of the Middle East, further strengthened by previous agreements supporting networks on the ABS-3A and ABS-2 satellites.

President at AXESS EMEA, Guido Neumann, expressed enthusiasm about the swift roll-out of AXESS networks in the Middle East, emphasizing how it will elevate their service offerings in various sectors such as maritime, oil & gas, enterprise, and telecommunications. Neumann also highlighted that the extended coverage presents a compelling option for new clients seeking improved communications for fixed and mobile activities in the region.

Adrian Redfern, Director of Business Development at AXESS EMEA, emphasized the importance of ABS-2A's coverage in supporting AXESS' maritime clients navigating through the critical Suez Canal. As more vessels benefit from AXESS' unlimited, uncapped, and unthrottled Ku-band networks for satellite communications, the growing demand is naturally expanding the company's already substantial geographic network coverage.

ABS' Chief Commercial Officer, Ramsey Khanfour, noted that their collaboration with AXESS Networks enables ABS to extend seamless satellite communications to the Middle East and beyond. As AXESS Networks promotes its services to key verticals on land and sea, ABS-2A's ideal coverage in the region ensures robust and reliable communications, fostering the growth of business segments in an increasingly interconnected world.

Chris Spore, VP Sales of ABS, emphasized the rewarding experience of working with AXESS Networks to expand their global coverage. The partnership enables the teams to engage in discussions, innovations, and collaborative efforts to find optimal solutions for top-notch maritime and land-based communication services.

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