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Dandelooo's Animation Series Lands in Portugal

Date: 2023-08-07

Dandelooo's Animation Series Lands in Portugal

Dandelooo, the acclaimed French animation production, and distribution company, has struck significant deals in Portugal, bringing its beloved animated series to the country's audiences. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Paris - Gennarino Romano, Dandelooo's International Sales Manager, successfully sealed deals with RTP, securing a package of over 290 episodes of captivating content. The programming lineup includes the side-splitting sitcom comedy Royals Next Door, created by Veronica Lassenius and produced by Pikkukala, as well as the award-winning TV Special Shooom’s Odyssey. Additionally, RTP will air several preschool series, including Petit, Little Bear Season 1, Kiwi Season 1 & 2, and Jasmine & Jambo Season 1, scheduled for Q4 2023 on RTP2 as part of the children’s programming block ZigZag.

In another exciting development, TV Network Dreamia has also acquired two captivating series from Dandelooo. For starters, Dreamia has secured deals for Royals Next Door as well. The second series is Stinky Dog, an adventurous comedy produced by Folivari, Dandelooo, Panique!, and Pikkukala. Stinky Dog follows the whimsical journey of a misfit duo, Stinky Dog, and his friend Flatty Cat, who reside in a peculiar trash can.

Gennarino Romano expressed delight over the acquisitions by RTP and Dreamia, stating, "I'm thrilled that RTP and Dreamia have confirmed the acquisition of several series from our portfolio, including the entertaining and fun Royals Next Door and the endearing Petit. We look forward to seeing the Portuguese version of the 'royal family,' the curiosity-filled Petit, and our other wonderful series on air soon. I am certain that kids will enjoy and be delighted with these great shows."

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