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Angus Cloud, Breakout Star from HBO’s Emmy-winning drama Euphoria Dies at 25

Date: 2023-08-07

Angus Cloud, Breakout Star from HBO’s Emmy-winning drama Euphoria Dies at 25

Angus Cloud’s family confirmed his death this Monday. By: Theng Min Yee

Just merely a week after his father’s passing, news of the young actor’s death sent shockwaves throughout the industry. The cause of Cloud’s death was not immediately disclosed but TMZ later reported on an alleged 911 call made to Oakland PD around 11.30am on July 31, 2023, by Cloud’s mom, which spoke of a “Possible overdose.” Cloud’s family recalled the turmoil he suffered whilst dealing with his father’s death, saying that he had been grappling with, “Severe suicidal thoughts after getting back from Ireland, where they laid his father to rest.”

Scouted when he was walking down a street in Manhattan, Cloud landed his breakthrough role as drug dealer Fezco on Euphoria, HBO’S Emmy-winning drama. Though Cloud’s character, Fezco, was initially set to die in the first few episodes, Sam Levinson, the producer of the series, decided to expand his role to encompass an origin-story. In season 2 of Euphoria, Cloud’s Fezco propelled to internet fame with his onscreen relationship with Maude Apatow’s Lexi, igniting the #Fexi fandom which took over social media. Levinson’s development of Fezco boosted Cloud, with the latter exclaiming: “I was excited. I was just ready to work.”

“There was no one quite like Angus. He was too special, too talented and way too young to leave us so soon,” said Levinson.

Apatow, who played Cloud’s onscreen love interest, spoke of their chemistry. “He’s just a great partner. He’s so present and talented, and yeah, I just love working with him, so I totally would love to keep working with him,” Apatow said.

Faced with this tragic news, Euphoria fans bemoaned Cloud’s death, with some even calling to cancel the already renewed series, which is set to air for its third season.

Cloud was recently cast in Universal Pictures’ untitled monster thriller and his other upcoming films included Your Lucky Day and Freaky Tales.

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