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Korea’s Largest Broadcasting Content Market BCWW Makes its Return in August 2023

Date: 2023-08-07

Korea’s Largest Broadcasting Content Market BCWW Makes its Return in August 2023

The Broadcast Worldwide Convention, widely known as BCWW, commences this month in Seoul, Korea. By: Theng Min Yee

Stepping into its 23rd anniversary this year, the annual media market of BCWW has emerged as a platform that garners a platitude of buyers and business owners, including media giants such as Amazon Prime, Warner Bros. Discovery and NBCUniversal. The event, which will run from Aug. 16 -18, 2023, at COEX, Seoul, will comprise of booths for product marketing, meeting rooms, conference sessions and even business matching facilities for businesses seeking strategic partners.

BCWW’s preceding year boasted an impressive turnup of more than 183 exhibiting companies and 778 buyers from over 36 countries, concluding with more than $73 million worth of contracts being signed. Covering topics pertaining to global content trends, content analysis and the industry’s growth potential, the conferences held provided valuable insights for businesses engaged in the telecommunications and media industry.

Likewise, relevant analysis and insights would be shared at the annual media market this year, which aims to guide business owners and buyers towards making strategic, informed decisions in their endeavours. With various B2B programs, meetings with Korean and global media enterprises, showcases, new media awards and B2C programs, BCWW 2023 provides tangible business opportunities for industry professionals.

Notably, the annual media market is expected to house more than 230 professional exhibitors this year, being set to showcase a multitude of satellite and broadcasting tools and accessories to visitors of the show. Some of the technological equipment comprise of video tools, production systems, cable and broadcasting systems, as well as satellite and animation systems.

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