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Fremantle and STB Partner for Ukraine’s Got Talent Documentary

Date: 2023-08-14

Fremantle and STB Partner for Ukraine’s Got Talent Documentary

Fremantle, in collaboration with Ukraine's broadcaster STB, is set to unveil an extraordinary feature documentary, Power Of Talent, spotlighting the real-life experiences of former contestants from Ukraine's Got Talent. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain.

Ukraine - This groundbreaking project marks the first instance of the globally recognised Got Talent format being employed for a feature doc.

Produced by Kyiv-based Starlight Media, Power Of Talent will delve into the journeys of past Ukraine's Got Talent participants, shedding light on their challenges amidst the ongoing conflict in the country. The documentary will showcase acts like Light Balance Kids, Natasha Korotkina, and Artem Fesko as they showcase their talents on various Got Talent stages worldwide.

With a scheduled premiere on Ukrainian Independence Day, August 24, the documentary will provide a unique perspective into the lives of these exceptional performers. The distribution will be overseen by Fremantle, ensuring a global reach for this inspiring documentary.

Angela Neillis, Senior VP of Non-Scripted Content for International at Fremantle, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "STB has been a great partner to work with and we cannot wait to share Power Of Talent globally." Natalya Franchuk, General Producer of Programs at STB, echoed the sentiment, highlighting that the documentary serves as a testament to both the contestants' resilience and the incredible talents of the Ukrainian people.

Simon Cowell, the creator of Got Talent, also shared his thoughts, noting, "Over the years we've made the show, we've met extraordinary people all over the world and this documentary will highlight some of the people we've met."

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