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Bruce Lee's Legacy Continues with House of Lee Anime Series

Date: 2023-08-15

Bruce Lee's Legacy Continues with House of Lee Anime Series

As martial arts classic Enter the Dragon commemorates its 50th anniversary this month, Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee, is unveiling an exciting new project that pays tribute to her father's legacy. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain.

The groundbreaking anime series titled House of Lee is a collaboration between Bruce Lee Entertainment and content platform Shibuya, with artist Emily Yang also on board.

House of Lee marks the first-ever Bruce Lee anime project and is set to premiere in 2024. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Enter the Dragon, special 4K UHD screenings of the movie are planned, accompanied by the debut of the House of Lee trailer. These screenings will take place in over 650 theatres this August.

Shannon Lee, inspired by personal experiences, found the concept for House of Lee. This action-fantasy series portrays Bruce Lee's journey to unite his Dragon Warriors, preventing the world from descending into darkness. The series is deeply rooted in Bruce Lee's philosophy, echoing his famous quote: "Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light."

Bruce Lee Entertainment, the creative IP arm of the Bruce Lee Family Companies, had long wanted to create an animated Bruce Lee project. Shibuya, known for its creative expertise and community engagement, played a crucial role in making House of Lee an independent production. Shannon Lee's collaboration with Shibuya was cemented after her appreciation for their White Rabbit anime short.

The partnership was highly organic, as Shannon Lee explains: "They are such creative, hard-working, skilled artists with an amazing brand, I just knew that they would be perfect collaborators. The organic way it all came together spoke volumes of our potential collaboration, and it’s been great!"

Emily Yang of Shibuya resonated with the project's narrative, as it touches on themes like battling inner demons and the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) experience. She expressed Shibuya's mission to empower creators and retain creative control, making their involvement in House of Lee a perfect fit.

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