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Kirloskar and CNN’s Successful Going Green Initiative

Date: 2023-08-17

Kirloskar and CNN’s Successful Going Green Initiative

Focused on a commitment to the environment, Kirloskar and CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) steps into their 15th consecutive year of partnership. By: Theng Min Yee

The core of their prolonged collaboration is underscored by Kirloskar’s sponsorship of CNN’s Going Green initiative, which is a series that exhibits cutting-edge green technologies, whilst exploring innovative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. The efforts of the past 15 years have seen Kirloskar garnering a global audience of more than 700 million environmentally conscious viewers and over 270 million business decision-makers. The joint initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding of sustainable innovations.

Airing on CNN International in August and November, the Kirloskar-sponsored Going Green series spotlights sustainable innovations, visionary inventors, and influential leaders, who are committed to finding solutions for some of the most eminent environmental challenges. The first show depicts the life cycle of food, from the seeds sown in the ground, to where it all goes once it’s been consumed. The concept of the green agenda will also be tackled in the series, which will be available across CNN’s TV, digital, and social platforms.

“Our long-standing partnership with Kirloskar is a resounding testament to our unwavering commitment to working with partners on important sustainable and environmental issues,” said Cathy Ibal, Senior Vice President, CNN International Commercial. “For more than a decade and a half, Going Green has been aligned with high quality content that creates awareness and showcases stories that offer solutions for a more sustainable future. We believe this collaboration will continue captivating our global audiences and inspiring action for a better tomorrow.”

Anand V. Chitley, Vice President, Kirloskar Proprietary Limited, added: “From the onset, Kirloskar has been devoted towards initiating and driving conversations around an eco-conscious lifestyle. We are proud to have been partnering with CNN, a global media partner who holds the same values as us which helps us to ensure narratives that inspire and empower individuals to envision a revolution in sustainability.”

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