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Rift in the Ice – Exploring Sexuality and Objectification, Wraps Up Filming

Date: 2023-08-17

Rift in the Ice – Exploring Sexuality and Objectification, Wraps Up Filming

The feature film explores the multifaceted dimensions of women's integrity and sexuality against the backdrop of post-Balkans War Serbia. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Serbia - Serbian director Maja Miloš takes a thought-provoking dive into contemporary Serbian society with her upcoming feature Rift in the Ice. In it, Miloš crafts a modern Cinderella narrative, introducing a concept that links a young woman's embrace of her sexuality to her transformation into a form of modern princess. Set in Serbia in the aftermath of the Balkans War, the film also presents a hero's journey, where an individual rises from society's fringes to its zenith.

The film's title metaphorically ties to its protagonist, an ice skater. Miloš explains, "I chose ice-skating because there is a predominant vision that it’s very gracious, very feminine and imposes a princess-like model on the ice-skater. I wanted to see girls with that kind of treatment of their body put in different situations where she is sexualized and objectified.”

A decade in the making, Rift in the Ice encountered delays due to extensive research, intricate funding procedures, pandemic disruptions, and Miloš becoming a mother. Currently in the final stages of production, the film requires additional funding for its visual effects, including face swapping for the main actress, who is not a professional ice-skater.

The project boasts a stellar lineup of producers, including Jelena Mitrović from Baš Čelik (Serbia), Srdan Golubović, Jožko Rutar, Danijel Hočevar, Boris T. Matić, Lana Matić, Ines Vasiljević, Denis Vaslin, and Ivan Bakrač, representing various production entities across multiple countries. Funding support is derived from diverse sources, including Film Center Serbia, CE Media, Slovenian Film Center, Viba Film, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Italian Ministry for Culture (Mibact), Netherlands Film Fund, Montenegro Film Center, and Eurimages.

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