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The Worst of Evil on Disney+

Date: 2023-08-17

The Worst of Evil on Disney+

Korean Crime Drama The Worst of Evil is set to premiere exclusively on Disney+ in September. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Singapore - The series features Ji Changwook, known for his role in Squid Game, along with Wi Hajun and Lim Semi. The show takes place in the crime-infested streets of 1990s Seoul and follows an undercover officer's mission to infiltrate a gang responsible for a new dangerous drug called "Gangnam Crystal."

In the storyline, a former DJ gains control of a gang and begins distributing the potent drug in the city's nightclubs. With its origins shrouded in mystery, a rural officer named Park Junmo is recruited for an undercover police unit. His task is to dismantle the gang from within, all the while keeping his mission hidden. The plot thickens when Junmo discovers that his wife and fellow officer, Yu Euijeong, is also involved in the same operation and shares a past with the drug lord.

Starring Ji Changwook as Park Junmo, Wi Hajun as Jung Gicheul, and Lim Semi as Yu Euijeong, The Worst of Evil is directed by Han Dongwook and penned by Jang Minseok. The series consists of 12 episodes, with a three-episode premiere, followed by a three-episode finale. The rest of the episodes will be released in pairs weekly.

The series adds to Disney+'s growing collection of Korean content.

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