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Wendy McMahon Steps Up as President and CEO of CBS News

Date: 2023-08-18

Wendy McMahon Steps Up as President and CEO of CBS News

The former co-head of CBS News and stations has now been named the new chief executive, expanding her role in the company. By: Theng Min Yee

In a significant organizational shift, Wendy McMahon has been promoted to the position of president and CEO of CBS News and Stations, as well as CBS Media Ventures, following the departure of Neeraj Khemlani from the CBS network owned by Paramount.

With this elevation, McMahon, who previously held the role of co-president, will now oversee CBS News and Stations as well as lead CBS’ domestic syndication business in a consolidated capacity. This strategic move is aimed at streamlining leadership and optimizing the network's operations.

Under McMahon's expanded purview, a wide spectrum of programming falls, encompassing CBS News' Daily and weekly news broadcasts, which include iconic shows like 60 Minutes, Face The Nation, and 48 Hours. Additionally, she will have oversight of popular first-run entertainment series such as Jeopardy!, Wheel Of Fortune, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, and The Drew Barrymore Show. Her responsibilities extend to managing CBS Radio, CBS Newspath, and the network's national and local streaming news services.

Reporting directly to CBS president and CEO George Cheeks, McMahon's new role will encompass the management of CBS News' broadcasting and streaming operations, supervision of 27 local television stations across the US, 14 local news streaming channels, and the administration of CBS Media Ventures' first-run syndication programming.

McMahon, who joined CBS in 2021 after her leadership role at the ABC Owned Television Stations group, has already begun shaping her team by appointing Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews as the president of CBS News, a significant first step in her new leadership position.

Cheeks remarked on McMahon's promotion: "Wendy's remarkable talents as an innovator, business leader, and motivator have consistently energized our operations and propelled CBS forward. Her clear vision and dynamic leadership style ensure a bright future for CBS News, our local stations, and our syndication franchises. I look forward to witnessing her accomplishments in this expanded role."

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