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TV Azteca Brings Latin America's First Married at First Sight

Date: 2023-08-21

TV Azteca Brings Latin America's First Married at First Sight

Locally titled Casados a Primera Vista, the format is scheduled to premiere on Azteca Uno this September. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Latin America - TV Azteca has embarked on a groundbreaking venture by commissioning the inaugural Latin American version of the highly acclaimed dating reality show Married at First Sight.

Scheduled to make its debut on Azteca Uno on September 17, the show will consist of 14 episodes, each lasting 120 minutes. Production responsibilities have been entrusted to Endemol Shine Boomdog LLC Mexico, highlighting the network's commitment to delivering captivating and engaging content to its viewers.

The journey toward this Latin American adaptation was paved by Spiral International, securing the rights to Married at First Sight for the region. This strategic move emphasises the global appeal and relevance of the show's concept, which centres around exploring love and relationships through an unconventional lens.

Tim Gerhartz, Managing Director of Red Arrow Studios International, conveyed his enthusiasm for this significant adaptation. He mentions, “The show's themes of love and human connection continue to resonate on a global scale, making it more than just a television program – it's a cultural touchstone.”

Adrián Ortega, Director General of Content at TV Azteca, emphasized the network's dedication to offering innovative and emotionally resonant content. He believes Married at First Sight aligns perfectly with their mission to entertain, engage, and create connections with their viewers.

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