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Korean Action-Comedy Han River Police Premieres on Disney+

Date: 2023-08-23

Korean Action-Comedy Han River Police Premieres on Disney+

Set against the backdrop of Seoul's iconic Han River, the show promises an exciting twist on crime dramas. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Singapore - The series follows the unlikely partnership between a hardworking, fiery police officer and a laid-back, carefree counterpart. As they patrol the Han River's scenic banks, tackling everything from accidents to terrorists, the duo suddenly finds themselves embroiled in a vast criminal conspiracy that threatens their jurisdiction.

Starring Kwone Sangwoo as the passionate Sergeant Han Dujin, Kim Hiewon as the easygoing Lieutenant Lee Chunseok, and featuring an ensemble cast, Han River Police guarantees a roller-coaster of laughs, action, and suspense.

This latest addition to Disney+'s growing library of Korean content promises viewers a mix of engaging storytelling and unique characters. Subscribers can already enjoy a range of Korean series, from the gripping "Moving" about super-powered spies to the award-winning Big Bet, starring Choi Minsik.

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