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NSYNC Reunion Expected in Upcoming Trolls Movie

Date: 2023-08-23

NSYNC Reunion Expected in Upcoming Trolls Movie

Speculation is buzzing as DreamWorks' latest Trolls movie hints at a possible *NSYNC reunion. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Insider sources reveal that JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick are likely to make surprise appearances in the third Trolls film, alongside Justin Timberlake. This potential reunion could also bring forth a new song.

Universal Studios have so far declined to confirm the rumours. However, the story teaser of the upcoming film hints otherwise. The plot revolves around Floyd (voiced by Troye Sivan), who's kidnapped, prompting John Dory (voiced by Eric André) to seek Branch's (voiced by Justin Timberlake) help for a rescue mission. A nostalgic flashback from Floyd to Branch adds weight to the rumours. Branch's backstory includes a singing project called "BroZone," involving characters voiced by Troye Sivan, Kid Cudi, Daveed Diggs, and Eric André.

Fans have long awaited an NSYNC reunion. While occasional joint performances have kept the spark alive, it's been a while since Justin Timberlake joined his former bandmates on stage.

After Joey Fatone joined Ariana Grande at Coachella 2019, his "never say never" comment fuelled reunion hopes. While the Trolls movie might not be a full reunion tour, the prospect of their collective harmony is exciting.

Whether or not the reunion happens, the star-studded cast, including Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, guarantees a show worth watching. For those seeking nostalgia, the first two Trolls movies are available on Netflix and Peacock.

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