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Amazon Prime Postpones Production Due to Writers Strike

Date: 2023-08-24

Amazon Prime Postpones Production Due to Writers Strike

The American streaming service puts on hold their second season commitments for scripted duo The Peripheral and A League of Their Own, due to strike ramifications. By: Theng Min Yee

In an intricate web of production challenges and shifting strategies, the sci-fi series The Peripheral, which had been renewed for a second season, has now been halted. According to sources, the decision to not move forward with the next season was heavily influenced by the ongoing writers and actors strikes. The fate of A League Of Their Own has also taken an unexpected turn. Originally planned as a four-part second and final season to conclude its narrative, the show's producer, Sony Pictures Television (SPT), is now faced with the task of finding a new platform for its continuation.

Despite scripts for both The Peripheral and A League Of Their Own having been finalised before the strike, the production halt has caused a delay in their timelines. As a result, the second seasons that were originally scheduled for 2024 may now be pushed back by a year, leading to an overlap of programming.

Abbi Jacobson, co-creator and star of A League Of Their Own responded to reports surrounding the series' challenges. She took to social media to address concerns, dismissing the notion of an overabundance of programming as the cause for the show's situation. Additionally, she commented on the challenges the show has faced, including reports that Amazon had adjusted its marketing strategy for the series after testing data, potentially downplaying storylines related to players' sexuality.

This isn't the first instance of second seasons being affected in recent times. Throughout the pandemic, production disruptions led to extended gaps between seasons across various streaming platforms. Some platforms even reconsidered previous commitments due to the challenging production landscape.

As the industry navigates an ever-evolving landscape of content creation, scheduling challenges, and strategic adjustments, the fate of The Peripheral and A League Of Their Own offers a glimpse into the complexities and uncertainties that can arise in the world of television production.

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