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BBC Studios Configures a Dedicated Specialist Factual Unit

Date: 2023-08-24

BBC Studios Configures a Dedicated Specialist Factual Unit

BBC Studios has split up its factual division, erecting a separate specialist factual productions unit, which will be headed by Alan Holland. By: Theng Min Yee

BBCS Productions, the production division of the UK's commercial arm of the BBC, is unveiling a dedicated specialist factual unit, to be led by former head of documentaries unit Alan Holland. This specialised team will concentrate on creating factual programming centred around subjects like history, arts, music, and culture. The unit is already in motion, actively developing a lineup of commissioned projects for both the BBC and external partners.

Among the productions in the pipeline are Uncanny, The Great Rhino Robbery, Lost Gold, Disco, Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood, Julius Caesar: Rise of the Roman Empire (working title), and Spy Wars (working title).

This strategic step results in the separation of the specialist factual unit from the existing documentary unit within BBCS Productions. The move effectively establishes two distinct teams, each with its distinct editorial focus and leadership structure. Notably, BBCS has announced its intent to appoint a new head of documentaries to succeed Holland, though the individual's identity remains undisclosed.

Holland, who is currently at the helm of the documentary unit, took over the role from Amy Flanagan in 2021. Prior to this, Holland served as Creative Director for the unit's teams in Scotland and Manchester, in addition to being Deputy to Flanagan. His extensive industry experience includes work with Voltage TV Productions, Sundog Pictures, and Dragonfly Film & TV.

With this strategic evolution, BBCS Productions is primed to amplify its commitment to producing informative and engaging content, catering to a wide range of audiences interested in exploring history, arts, and culture through the lens of factual programming.

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