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Astro Launches Kid Friendly Mode

Date: 2023-08-25

Astro Launches Kid Friendly Mode

Astro, a prominent media broadcaster in Malaysia, has taken a step towards enhancing child safety and entertainment by introducing kid-friendly profiles. By: Syahmi Zulqarnain

Malaysia - This feature ensures that young viewers have access to age-appropriate content. Additionally, the company is treating all subscribers with a special offer of two complimentary channels for a month.

These dedicated kids’ profiles open up a world of ten exclusive channels and a vast collection of over 16,000 on-demand assets for children. Astro's channel lineup boasts an array of global hits such as Kamp Koral, We Baby Bears, Kung Fu Panda, and Bluey, along with local favourites including Super Wira, Hikayat, and Makania.

Upcoming family-friendly shows include The Chosen One, Super Nabil, Kidaverse Roblox Rumble Malaysia, Didi & Friends Kembara Muzikal, ScienceXplosion, and MythBusters Jr.

YB Fahmi Fadzil, Malaysia’s Minister of Communications and Digital, emphasized the pivotal role of media in contemporary society. He lauded Astro's commitment to safeguarding children from inappropriate content through these kid-friendly profiles. Euan Smith, group CEO of Astro, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the broadcaster's role in engaging young minds with imaginative and meaningful content.

The newly launched feature is accessible through Astro Ultra and Ulti Box, Astro GO, and the Multiroom Smart TV app. It guarantees that children can only access shows suitable for their age, offering both a secure and enjoyable space for entertainment.

Furthermore, as part of the celebration of Hari Kebangsaan, Hari Malaysia, and upcoming school holidays, Astro is gifting customers two complimentary channels: #DemiNegaraku and Ultraman. #DemiNegaraku, available from August 20 to September 17, features uplifting Malaysian stories, documentaries, movies, and kids’ content. Ultraman, offered from August 20 to September 30, presents a range of series and films centred around the iconic superhero.

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