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Amazon Debuts Fire TV Channels App in US

Date: 2023-08-25

Amazon Debuts Fire TV Channels App in US

The American multinational conglomerate launches a new app that allows viewers to access its Fire TV Channels with greater ease and connecting them to more than 400 content providers. By: Theng Min Yee

Amazon has unveiled a new app for its Fire TV Channels on US devices, presenting an effortless gateway to more than 400 content providers, along with a selection of fresh channels. This move aims to enhance the accessibility and convenience of Amazon's streaming offerings for Fire TV users.

Fire TV users are set to benefit from an extensive range of live and on-demand videos spanning various categories, including news, sports, entertainment, cooking, travel, and gaming. Additionally, the platform will continually refresh its content throughout the day, ensuring a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

The debut of Fire TV Channels in the US in May brought forth a curated selection of premium free content, which has garnered positive attention from users seeking diverse entertainment options.

The latest channel additions encompass a diverse array of renowned names, including Variety, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and TV Line from Penske Media Corporation. Other notable inclusions are GameSpot, Honest Trailers, TV Guide from Fandom, Looper, Slash Film, Nicki Swift from Static Media, Funny or Die, and Outside.

These new offerings augment the already comprehensive catalogue of content providers available through Fire TV Channels, which boasts stalwarts such as ABC News, CBS Sports HQ, MLB, Fox Sports, NHL, People, IGN, IMDb, Martha Stewart, and GoTraveler.

Amazon's aim is to amalgamate the diverse genres encompassed by Fire TV Channels into a seamlessly navigable service. The newly launched Fire TV Channels app will serve as a centralised platform, offering a user-friendly interface that enables customers to easily discover and enjoy a vast array of content.

In a statement, Amazon highlighted, "Fire TV will bring all of these FAST categories together into a single, easy-to-navigate service with the launch of the Fire TV Channels destination. This always-on experience will provide customers with even more ways to discover and enjoy this extensive content collection in an easy-to-browse, custom-made watch experience."

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