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Momo Film & Bros Studios Forms Collaboration to Adapt Kenaz Webtoons

Date: 2023-08-28

Momo Film & Bros Studios Forms Collaboration to Adapt Kenaz Webtoons

Singaporean production company Momo Film has entered a partnership with Seoul-based Bros Studios, working to create scripted content based on Kenaz webtoons. By: Theng Min Yee

Momo Film, owned by Beach House Pictures, has inked a significant co-production agreement with Bros Studio to embark on the transformation of a collection of Kenaz webtoons into captivating scripted content. The strategic partnership sets the stage for these mobile phone-centric comics to be reimagined as television series tailored for global audiences. The joint venture is already underway, with plans to adapt several Kenaz webtoons into engrossing scripted narratives.

Among the adaptations in development are Sunny and Baolong’s Mirror Game and BaStards and Siho’s All About Money. In Mirror Game, viewers will witness a high-stakes race against time as a master illusionist garners viral attention for hypnotizing people online with sinister intentions. Meanwhile, All About Money delves into the lives of three best friends who unexpectedly stumble upon a staggering $1 billion, thrusting them into the world of crime and corruption.

Backing these projects is Beach House Pictures, which has been actively amplifying its investments in scripted development and global productions. The company is known for its work on titles like Mr Midnight for Netflix.

Kenaz, a Korean webtoon platform and the pioneering studio to provide webtoon intellectual property to Apple Books, is collaborating with Bros Studio to extend its webtoon-based film and television production endeavours.

Seoul and Los Angeles-based Bros Studio is a Korean-American talent management company dedicated to cross-border content. Acting as a bridge between Korea and Hollywood, Bros has a dedicated division focused on bringing webcomic IPs to life.

For Momo Film, renowned for its scripted content in Southeast Asia, this marks its debut foray into the realm of webtoons. The company is deeply committed to collaborating with filmmakers to create compelling Asian drama that resonates with international viewers.

Si En, MD & co-founder of Momo Film, expressed enthusiasm about working on these captivating narratives that boast substantial fan communities. The collaboration aims to produce visually stunning stories that deserve to grace the screens of audiences worldwide.

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