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TCL Launches Streaming Service with 200 FAST Channels

Date: 2023-08-29

TCL Launches Streaming Service with 200 FAST Channels

TV manufacturer TCL has unveiled its new online streaming service TCLtv+ in North America, providing more than 200 FAST channels, as well as content from Fremantle, NBC Universal, and Banijay. By: Theng Min Yee

The streaming platform has debuted with an expansive library of over 1500 on-demand movies and television series sourced from various content providers such as Scripps Media, Fremantle, NBC Universal, FilmRise, Banijay, and more.

TCLtv+ emerges as an upgraded version of its predecessor, the TCL TV Channel, incorporating advanced Ideo technology to offer an enhanced viewing experience. The interface is thoughtfully designed to personalize interactions, thereby introducing a fresh and tailored approach to consuming entertainment content.

Leveraging Ideo technology, TCLtv+ introduces an array of innovative features. This includes interactive on-screen experiences, immediate summaries and comprehensive recaps of shows, exclusive insights into actors' profiles, personalized viewing suggestions, and a novel food ordering platform catering to home deliveries.

With the introduction of the TCLtv+ Live feature, users can access an extensive selection of more than 200 channels curated from prominent distributors and studios. The feature also includes tailored recommendations for local news, along with a diverse range of options catering to specific demographics such as Hispanics, African Americans, Asia Pacific Americans, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Additionally, the newly launched service offers "YourTV+" as part of its offerings, presenting a curated collection of over 100 titles. The library is set to expand regularly with the addition of new titles from various content providers on a weekly basis.

TCL's entry into the streaming market showcases its commitment to providing an innovative and user-centric entertainment experience. The integration of Ideo technology and the diverse range of features in TCLtv+ highlights the company's dedication to enhancing viewer engagement and customization options.

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