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Mediacorp and BEC World Partners Up for Thai Dramas

Date: 2023-08-29

Mediacorp and BEC World Partners Up for Thai Dramas

Mediacorp and BEC’s collaboration will see the streaming of more than 600 hours of Thai dramas on Singaporean media platforms meWatch and Channel U. By: Theng Min Yee

Mediacorp has inked a partnership with BEC World to introduce over 600 hours of Thai dramas to meWatch, offered for free, and with select titles also scheduled to air on Channel U.

Among the lineup is Love Destiny 2, a continuation of the popular 2018 series Love Destiny. The original plot followed Gadesurang's journey back in time, where she fell in love with Dej. In this sequel, the couple navigates the challenges of parenthood while raising twins. Love Destiny 2 is set to premiere on meWatch, presented in both Chinese and Thai, simultaneously with its debut in Thailand.

Additional Thai dramas slated for meWatch include Dare to Love, depicting the dilemmas faced by an aspiring lawyer when confronted with the unexpected return of a past romance. Another offering, To Me, It’s Simply You, the top-rated prime-time series in Thailand for 2021, follows an urban resident's rediscovery of his rural roots upon returning to his hometown. Lastly, Nakee presents the tale of a girl endowed with supernatural abilities and an archaeology student embarking on an odyssey intertwined with ancient curses and superstitions.

Surin Krittayaphongphun, President of TV Business and Executive Director at BEC World, expressed enthusiasm over the collaboration with Mediacorp, which aims to bring the finest Thai dramas to Singaporean audiences. Krittayaphongphun noted that the alliance not only reflects their commitment to delivering top-notch content but also signifies their dedication to fostering strong cultural bonds between Singapore and Thailand.

Lee Hung Sheng, Head of Audience and Partnerships at Mediacorp, shared his excitement about joining forces with BEC, highlighting the latter's collection of renowned Thai dramas known for their innovative narratives and cultural depth. This partnership, Sheng emphasized, underscores Mediacorp's dedication to catering to the diverse and evolving preferences of local viewers through an expanding array of content across their media network.

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