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Iconic The Price is Right Host Bob Barker Dies at 99

Date: 2023-08-30

Iconic The Price is Right Host Bob Barker Dies at 99

Bob Barker, the legendary host of The Price is Right, has died of natural causes in his longtime Hollywood Hills home. By: Theng Min Yee

Announced on Saturday, Bob Barker’s passing has been confirmed. He was 99. The renowned television personality has confronted a series of health issues over the recent years. In January 2019, paramedics were summoned to Barker's Hollywood Hills residence following a fall. Several months earlier, Barker's manager confirmed a response from the ambulance and fire department to his Hollywood Hills home in October 2018, addressing a "non-emergency back problem."

For a remarkable 35 years, Barker played the role of host on The Price Is Right before he declared his retirement at the age of 87. CBS TV City in Los Angeles would often witness ardent fans waiting for hours just to hear Barker deliver the iconic phrase, "And the actual retail price is…." He shared with Entertainment Weekly in 2007, "I have contemplated quitting every year for the past 10 or 15 years, and then I think, 'No, I'll continue for another year.' I regret retiring now.'"

Barker's television journey commenced upon his move to Los Angeles in 1956, securing his inaugural hosting role on Truth or Consequences in a matter of days. This tenure spanned 18 years. Taking the helm of The Price Is Right on CBS in 1972, Barker enjoyed rapid success, eventually cementing it as the longest-running game show in U.S. history and solidifying his position as the longest-serving game show host.

Prior to his passing, Barker was married to Dorothy Jo for 36 years until her demise in 1981. The couple did not have children, and the TV host chose not to remarry.

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