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Colman Domingo to Receive Prestigious TIFF Tribute Performer Award

Date: 2023-08-31

Colman Domingo to Receive Prestigious TIFF Tribute Performer Award

Emmy Award-winning actor Colman Domingo has been given the honour of Tribute Performer Award at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). By: Theng Min Yee

TIFF unveiled that Colman Domingo will be honoured with the prestigious TIFF Tribute Performer Award. The announcement was met with delight as the film industry gears up for the fifth annual TIFF Tribute Awards gala. This year's gala, presented by Bulgari, is scheduled for Sunday, September 10, at the illustrious Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Domingo, a multifaceted talent celebrated for his accomplishments in both film and theatre, boasts an impressive career spanning three decades. In addition to being an Emmy Award-winning actor, his recent endeavours saw him starring and producing the award-winning short North Star.

Cameron Bailey expressed his admiration for Domingo's storytelling prowess, hailing his performances as masterclasses in the craft. The anticipation for the award presentation continues to build, as Domingo joins the ranks of past recipients who have made significant contributions to the acting landscape.

Among the esteemed honourees at this year's Tribute Awards gala are Andy Lau, who will receive the Special Tribute Award, and Carolina Markowicz, the recipient of the TIFF Emerging Talent Award, presented by MGM Studios. The lineup also includes luminaries such as Łukasz Żal, recognised with the TIFF Variety Artisan Award, and Shawn Levy, honoured with the Norman Jewison Career Achievement Award. Pedro Almodóvar and Spike Lee will also be lauded for their impactful contributions.

The event is not only a celebration of cinematic achievements, the Tribute Awards gala stands as a significant fundraising event for TIFF. With its history of raising substantial amounts, including $1.3 million in 2022, the gala plays a pivotal role in supporting the Viola Desmond Cinema campaign. The campaign, initiated through the Every Story Fund in 2022, aligns perfectly with the gala's purpose of promoting arts, culture, and storytelling.

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