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Epic Action Movie Bakara to Chronicle Malaysian Military's Heroism

Date: 2023-08-31

Epic Action Movie Bakara to Chronicle Malaysian Military's Heroism

22 years after Hollywood’s Black Hawk Down, Adrian Teh’s Bakara shines a spotlight on the Malaysian military, aiming to provide a more comprehensive recounting of the historical Battle of Mogadishu. By: Theng Min Yee

KUALA LUMPUR - A riveting epic action movie titled Bakara is set to vividly recount the courageous role played by the Malaysian military in the Battle of Mogadishu as part of the United Nations (UN) mission in Somalia. This upcoming film will delve into the harrowing events of the Malbatt 1 (Malaysian Battalion 1) operational mission, where the Malaysian military's valorous actions in rescuing trapped US troopers will take center stage.

Malbatt 1, comprised of 51 officers and 113 troopers from the mechanised 19th Malay Regiment Corps, found themselves embroiled in a perilous combat situation in Mogadishu's treacherous Bakara Market back in 1993. The mission unfolded after Somali militia, under the command of General Mohamed Farrah Aidid, shot down two US strike force helicopters. The ensuing rescue mission, which lasted over seven hours, involved a coalition effort with US Rangers, US Delta Force commandos, and Pakistani forces, all orchestrated by UN Operations in Somalia (Unosom II).

While the operation successfully saved 70 US personnel, it came at a heavy cost with numerous casualties. Among those was Malaysian Armoured Personnel Carrier vehicle driver Corporal Mat Aznan Awang, who lost his life.

Directed by Adrian Teh, known for his work on Paskal The Movie and Wira, Bakara aims to highlight the indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve of the Malaysian military, which faced daunting odds against the hostile militia that surrounded the market area.

Actor Zahiril Adzim, portraying Lieutenant Dahari in the film, emphasised the importance of Bakara in shedding light on this historical event and the valour of Malaysian troops, especially for Malaysians themselves. Adzim noted the tendency of Hollywood's Black Hawk Down to predominantly showcase the bravery of US troops, with minimal mention of the Malay Army.

Currently filming in Adana, Turkiye, "Bakara" is produced by Act 2 Pictures and features a stellar ensemble cast including Hairul Azreen, Bront Palarae, Shaheizy Sam, Nafiez Zaidi, and Fauzi Nawawi. The film is poised to illuminate a lesser-known aspect of the Battle of Mogadishu and celebrate the valour and camaraderie of the Malaysian military's contributions.

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