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Maggie Beer to Lead New ABC Australia Series

Date: 2023-08-31

Maggie Beer to Lead New ABC Australia Series

ABC Australia is slated to air a new series featuring Maggie Beer, with a focus on providing transformative dining experience in an aged care home. By: Theng Min Yee

Australia - Artemis Media has received the green light from ABC Australia for an engaging new series, Maggie Beer's Big Mission, starring renowned Australian chef, restaurateur, and author, Maggie Beer. The project aims to rejuvenate the dining experience in an aged care facility, with Beer and a team of experts collaborating over four months to introduce a fresh and nutritious menu.

The forthcoming show, set to air in 2024 on ABC TV and ABC iview, has garnered substantial support from major stakeholders including Screen Australia, ABC, Screenwest, and Lotterywest. The collaboration marks a significant investment in production to spotlight the need for innovation within aged care settings.

Maggie Beer expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with a care home willing to display its journey towards improvement, embracing the challenges along the way. “What a privilege this is to work with a home that is brave enough to show warts and all and the path of continuous improvement that will be necessary to bring about real change,” she conveyed.

The project has caught the attention of Susie Jones, head of factual at ABC, who acknowledged the significance of initiating a conversation that touches every Australian's life. Jones emphasised that the series would not only entertain but also pave the way for genuine transformation.

Screenwest CEO Rikki Lea Bestall lauded the efforts of Artemis Media in advocating for societal transformation through their productions. The partnership with ABC signifies a significant stride in addressing the vital topic of aged care on both national and global scales.

As anticipation builds for Maggie Beer's Big Mission, audiences can look forward to witnessing the inspiring journey of culinary innovation and reimagined spaces in aged care, as Maggie Beer and her team endeavour to reshape the landscape and experiences of the elderly.

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