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Netflix Forms Creative Alliance with Friday Storytellers

Date: 2023-08-31

Netflix Forms Creative Alliance with Friday Storytellers

Seeking to replicate the prior success of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter, Netflix and Friday Storytellers enter a creative partnership that is set to produce a slate of new content. By: Theng Min Yee

Global streaming giant Netflix has forged an innovative partnership with Friday Storytellers, the digital content production arm of Friday Filmworks, helmed by renowned filmmaker Neeraj Pandey. This creative collaboration comes on the heels of the resounding success of their joint venture, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. The two entities are set to embark on a series of joint projects encompassing both films and series, with the eagerly anticipated second season of Khakee marking the inaugural offering of this dynamic partnership.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter etched its mark on the Indian entertainment landscape as a riveting cop-criminal chase drama, skilfully woven into the vibrant backdrop of Bihar. The show secured a prominent spot among India's top ten TV programs for over five months, enjoying a prolonged streak of popularity on Netflix India.

Neeraj Pandey, the visionary behind Friday Filmworks, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting that working alongside Netflix has ignited a realm of creative possibilities. He attested to the resonance between Netflix's storytelling ardour and his own vision. The fruitful journey thus far with Netflix has invigorated him, and he's confident that their extended collaboration will give rise to more locally rooted narratives from the heartland of India, captivating audiences both domestically and worldwide.

Monika Shergill, vice president of content for Netflix India, commended the partnership with Neeraj Pandey, a trailblazing filmmaker whose distinctive style and narrative prowess challenge conventions. Shergill anticipated that this collaboration would amplify the frontiers of storytelling, offering viewers compelling and memorable content.

As they gear up for the much-awaited second season of Khakee, Shergill revealed that it would serve as the inaugural chapter of this dynamic partnership, hinting at the anticipation that lies ahead.

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