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Controversial HBO Series The Idol Gets Axed After One Season

Date: 2023-09-04

Controversial HBO Series The Idol Gets Axed After One Season

After coming under fire for its overtly sexual content and questionable subject-matters, HBO series The Idol will not be making a comeback. By: Theng Min Yee

HBO's television landscape has witnessed both triumphs and disappointments, with the polarizing drama The Idol falling into the latter category. Amidst a slew of successful shows such as House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, Barry, and Succession, the edgy series – headlined by Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd – has been officially cancelled after just one season. The decision to discontinue the show comes as a collective agreement involving HBO, the creators, and producers.

A spokesperson from HBO acknowledged the series' bold and provocative nature, celebrating the engagement it garnered from audiences. However, despite initial enthusiasm, the network opted not to greenlight a second season. The creative teams, cast, and crew were appreciated for their contributions.

The cancellation was not entirely unforeseen. The Idol struggled to captivate viewership, marked by disappointing ratings. The premiere episode drew in a mere 913,000 viewers, and the second episode experienced a 12% drop in ratings, equivalent to approximately 100,000 viewers.

This cancellation is a stark contrast to HBO's previous successes, including instances where audiences switched from the 2023 Academy Awards broadcast to catch the The Last of Us finale. The Idol was marred by criticism, including derision directed at The Weeknd's acting and the show's overtly sexual content.

Throughout its tumultuous journey, The Idol did not position itself as a limited series, yet the concept may offer HBO an easy out. The network could assert that the show's format was always meant to be limited, quelling any backlash. For now, this peculiar show can still be found on MAX, awaiting daring viewers to take the plunge.

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