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Global Agency's Hit Drama One Love Heads to Spanish Viewers

Date: 2023-09-07

Global Agency's Hit Drama One Love Heads to Spanish Viewers

Global Agency has announced that the popular drama series One Love has been acquired by MEDIASET ESPAÑA, bringing captivating storytelling to Spanish audiences. By: Theng Min Yee

Produced by Gold Film, the compelling drama continues to captivate viewers worldwide with its enchanting tale of love and conflict. One Love has already been successfully airing on Show TV, achieving strong ratings, and captivating audiences in 22 countries, with many episodes securing the number one spot in the commercial demo. MEDIASET ESPANA is slated to air this series to Spanish audience.

One Love weaves a captivating narrative, following the story of Doga, an idealistic young woman, who falls deeply in love with a charming man from a devout family. Their values clash with those of her mother, setting the stage for a powerful drama as they navigate their differences in pursuit of harmony.

The series boasts a talented cast, including Barış Kılıç from Feriha and War of the Roses, Evrim Alasya from Sunshine Girls and Scorpion, Sıla Türkoğlu from The Legacy, and Dogukan Gungor from Phoenix and Meryem.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its unique approach to storytelling. One Love explores social differences and unites various elements while addressing different social issues, making it a standout series. PINTO emphasized the series’ global appeal, noting that contracts have been signed in numerous countries worldwide. Spain is particularly important for Global Agency, and PINTO anticipates its success in Spain will pave the way for more countries to embrace the series, with sales expected to accelerate in the coming days, along with the anticipation of a second season.

A premier independent TV content distributor, Global Agency boasts an extensive portfolio of compelling dramas and innovative formats that continue to captivate global audiences. The agency has expanded its offerings to encompass over 150 projects, enjoying international success with powerful dramas like 1001 Nights, Magnificent Century, Broken Pieces, and Mother. Global Agency has also ventured into formats, achieving acclaim with programs such as Shopping Monsters, Keep Your Light Shining, Perfect Bride, and The Remix. The agency's executives actively participate in over 15 major entertainment content market events annually, extending its global reach. With a commitment to delivering "Content that Creates Buzz," Global Agency remains a driving force in the industry.

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