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Award-Winning Series The Treehouse Stories Reaches US

Date: 2023-09-12

Award-Winning Series The Treehouse Stories Reaches US

Acclaimed French animation company, Dandeloo, will be bringing The Treehouse Series to US audience. By: Theng Min Yee

Paris - Dandelooo, known for its Emmy Award-winning productions, has inked a significant agreement for its International Emmy-winning series, The Treehouse Stories (La Cabane à Histoires).

In this SVOD pact with France Channel, accessible through Apple TV, The Roku Channels, Chromecast, and various other distribution platforms, the first three seasons of this immensely popular series will be available in tUS territories. Originally commissioned by Canal+, The Treehouse Stories consists of 77 episodes, each lasting 7 minutes, tailored for children aged 4 to 7. It stands as a co-creation between Dandelooo and the esteemed French animation studio, Caribara Production.

The series takes a unique approach by faithfully and sincerely adapting cherished children's books, employing traditional animation techniques faithful to the original designs. The narrative revolves around a group of friends who rendezvous in a secret treehouse to share their treasured books. Every episode, a fusion of live-action and 2D animation, immerses viewers in a different story sourced from the finest children's literature worldwide.

With a presence in over 160 countries and thriving as a successful format on China's CCTV, The Treehouse Stories has even transitioned to the big screen with two theatrical releases. The eagerly awaited fourth season, comprising 26 episodes of 7 minutes each, has recently concluded production and is presently airing on Canal+. Season 4 stands as a collaboration between Caribara Production, Belgian broadcaster RTBF, and Bardaf! Productions.

This partnership not only marks a significant milestone for Dandelooo but also signifies the growing global appeal of French animation and storytelling. The Treehouse Stories continues to captivate young minds around the world, fostering a love for reading and imagination.

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