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Date: 2023-09-12 and Mattel Inks Ad-Sale Partnership has clinched the exclusive advertising inventory sales rights for a portfolio of over 90 Mattel YouTube brand channels, featuring renowned names like Barbie, Hot Wheels, and American Girl. By: Theng Min Yee

Prominent kids and family creator content and IP company,, and the leading global toy company, Mattel, have launched a partnership granting the exclusive rights to sell advertising inventory across over 90 of Mattel’s popular YouTube brand channels. The collaboration between and Mattel builds on a longstanding partnership between and Mattel, which initially began in 2018, focusing on influencer content and strategic media campaigns.

Previously, Mattel utilised’s network of creators and media expertise to execute large-scale campaigns across YouTube. boasts a creator network comprising 47 of the most prominent kids and family creators globally, amassing a staggering 771 million subscribers and over 500 billion lifetime views.

Julia Moonves, Senior VP of Advertising Sales and Brand Partnerships at, expressed enthusiasm for deepening their ties with Mattel. She emphasized the extensive fan bases of Mattel's IPs, citing brands like Barbie and Thomas & Friends, which enjoy dedicated followers worldwide.

Moonves further highlighted the importance of curated premium inventory, especially in the face of the daily influx of content on digital platforms. The Mattel brands, she affirmed, provide a secure and engaging environment for both kids and creators.

Jason Horowitz, Global Head of Marketing and Media at Mattel, underscored their meticulous approach to cultivating substantial audiences across leading YouTube channels. He expressed eagerness to expand their enduring partnership with, a trusted player in the kids' media sphere. Horowitz emphasized how this collaboration amplifies the value they offer to advertisers by leveraging YouTube as a content platform.

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