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Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation Returns to Singapore

Date: 2023-09-13

Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation Returns to Singapore

The 2023 edition of the Hong Kong Film Gala will be running from 29 September to 3 October, with a diverse range of films that will serve as a cinematic treat for film enthusiasts. By: Theng Min Yee

Singapore - The much-anticipated AFAA's Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation is set to make its return to Singapore in September 2023. This cinematic celebration is made possible with financial support from Create Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Film Development Fund, along with backing from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore.

Seven original Cantonese dialogue Hong Kong films making their premieres during the festival. The festivities will kick off at Shaw Theatres Jewel on September 29, continuing at Shaw Theatres PLQ on September 30 and October 1, offering two full days of public sessions. Notably, the festival will host a Regional Actors Forum, an open platform for aspiring actors, drama club students, and the general public.

The Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation in Singapore commences on September 29 with the black comedy Over My Dead Body as its Opening Film. The film, produced and co-written by Hong Kong Film Awards nominee Amy Chin and directed by rising star Ho Cheuk Tin, employs dark humour and an absurdist comedic style to explore contemporary social phenomena and family dynamics. The stellar cast includes Teresa Mo, Ronald Cheng, and a talented ensemble of Hong Kong actors, with both Director Ho Cheuk Tin and Producer Amy Chin attending the event in person.

Mak Pui Tung, winner of the 16th Asian Film Award for Best New Actor, will also grace the Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation with the premiere of his film, the highly anticipated courtroom drama The Sparring Partner. The screening marks the first time Ho and Mak will participate in a film event in Singapore following their award-winning success.

Other Hong Kong titles to be showcased at the event include Everyphone Everywhere by Amos WHY, July Rhapsody directed by Ann Hui, 12 Days by Aubrey Lam, and To Be Continued co-directed by Dora Choi and Haider Kikabhoy. The festival will conclude with the Southeast Asian premiere of Sunny Lau's One Night at School, a 'horror-dramedy' exploring bizarre encounters in an abandoned school.

The event will feature a public forum, "Stage to Screen: Regional New Actor's Forum," on September 30 at Shaw Theatres PLQ. The forum will include Mak Pui Tung, Malaysian actor Season Chee, and Singapore's own Xuan Ong and Doreen Toh. These actors, transitioning from theatre to cinema, will share their experiences and challenges in launching successful careers on the big screen.

The Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation is not limited to Singapore; it plans to travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Dubai in 2023-2024. Josie Lin, Executive Director of Asian Film Awards Academy, expressed gratitude to the co-organizers and emphasised the importance of promoting Hong Kong films across Asia to further advance the industry's development. The festival promises to showcase the diversity and creativity of the Hong Kong film industry, spanning various genres and stories that captivate audiences worldwide.

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