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BAFTA Elevates Children's Content in Annual Awards

Date: 2023-09-14

BAFTA Elevates Children's Content in Annual Awards

The British Academy of Film (BAFTA) will be incorporating a new segment focused on spotlighting children’s content. By: Theng Min Yee

Starting in 2025, BAFTA is set to embark on a significant rebranding effort, aiming to shine a spotlight on content created for children. This initiative, aptly named "Young BAFTA," will encompass the celebration of children's achievements in film, games, and television during the annual BAFTA awards ceremony.

The move represents an evolution from the previous "Children and Young People Awards Ceremony," which experienced a noticeable decline in participation and engagement over recent years. The last ceremony took place in November 2022 after a hiatus of two years.

Under the Young BAFTA banner, the organisation will consolidate its outreach programs for children and young individuals, further bolstering its support for the children's media industry. Additionally, new award categories specifically designed to recognise outstanding children's content will be introduced to BAFTA's film, games, and television awards from 2025 onwards.

Leading the newly established Young BAFTA Advisory Group will be BAFTA board member Andrew Miller. Sara Putt, Chair of BAFTA, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, "We are evolving the way we celebrate children’s film and television to ensure our support of the children’s media sector is impactful, relevant and sustainable."

Andrew Miller, a seasoned industry expert, emphasized the pivotal role played by the children's media industry in fostering innovative storytelling. He eagerly anticipates collaborating with the Young BAFTA Advisory Group to spotlight the sector across BAFTA's globally esteemed awards platform.

Former chair of the BAFTA children’s committee and founder of Gold Wala, Faraz Osman, also voiced his commitment to supporting BAFTA's efforts. He affirmed, "I will be supporting BAFTA over the coming months in shaping plans to raise the profile of children’s content and program makers in BAFTA’s awards."

With these initiatives, BAFTA is poised to usher in a new era of recognition and support for the children's media sector, aligning with its overarching mission to nurture the next generation of talent and elevate exceptional work to a wider audience.

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