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Merzigo Extends Digital Partnership with FOX for Next Three Years

Date: 2023-09-18

Merzigo Extends Digital Partnership with FOX for Next Three Years

As part of the pact, technology-based video monetisation and digital distribution firm, Merzigo, will be responsible for monetising all contents in FOX’s digital platforms, managing the content portfolio of the Walt Disney subsidiary until 2026. By: Theng Min Yee

Cutting-edge technology and monetisation company, Merzigo, has announced the extension of its partnership agreement with the national television channel FOX in Turkiye, owned by The Walt Disney Company Turkiye. The renewed agreement is set to span the next three years, solidifying the collaboration between the two entities.

As per the terms of the agreement, Merzigo will be entrusted with the management of FOX's entire channel content portfolio on digital platforms. This responsibility underscores Merzigo's expertise in leveraging technology for content optimisation and monetisation.

Yigit Dogan Celik, Chairman of Merzigo, expressed his satisfaction with the extended partnership, emphasising the longstanding and fruitful collaboration with FOX. He stated, “We have been collaborating with FOX for a considerable time. The extension of our agreement once again demonstrates the productivity and trust that underline this collaboration for both parties.”

Merzigo, recognised as one of the top 50 internet companies in Turkiye in 2022, stands out as a leading monetisation company on a global scale. It is also a part of the Key Networks Group, which is poised to launch the highly anticipated AVOD platform, Baslat. The Group has a distinguished track record in entertainment technologies and programming, demonstrating robust revenue growth and profitability in the complex industry landscape.

FOX, established on February 24, 2007, is a prominent television channel in Turkey. It is part of the Fox Networks Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. FOX has garnered a loyal following in Turkey, offering an extensive array of the nation's most-watched series and films, along with top-rated and trusted news broadcasts.

The extended partnership between Merzigo and FOX not only reaffirms the strength of their existing collaboration but also positions both entities to further capitalise on the evolving landscape of digital content consumption. This renewed commitment underscores their shared vision for innovation and excellence in broadcasting.

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