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Edutainment Series Once Upon a Time...The Objects to Debut at MIPJunior

Date: 2023-09-18

Edutainment Series Once Upon a Time...The Objects to Debut at MIPJunior

The brand-new acclaimed series will have its world premiere screening at MIPJunior in Cannes. By: Theng Min Yee

Paris – A brand-new educational and entertaining series, Once Upon a Time...The Objects (78 x 7’), co-produced by Procidis & Samka Productions in association with France Télévisions, is set to have its world premiere at MIPJunior.

MIPJunior, the premier industry event for kids' and junior content, will be held in Cannes, France from October 13th to 15th, 2023, preceding the global entertainment content market, MIPCOM, scheduled from October 16th to 19th.

In 2024, the versatile protagonist Maestro returns for the eighth instalment of the acclaimed saga, dedicated this time to everyday objects. Maestro uncovers captivating and entertaining stories behind these objects, which range from historical artifacts to modern creations that have shaped human history and continue to influence the future.

Each object serves as a gateway for children to explore various fields of knowledge, including History, Geography, Physics, Natural Sciences, and Philosophy. Through this, they gain insight into how these objects have shaped the world we live in.

The series features a diverse array of objects, spanning from those with centuries of history to modern items like soccer balls, drones, pants, and lip balm. Once Upon a Time...The Objects (78 x 7’) adopts a contemporary and whimsical animation style, aiming to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Hélène Barillé, President of Procidis / Hello Maestro, emphasised the enduring mission of the Maestro saga, which has been to expand knowledge and understanding. She expressed the show's significant impact, having become a cherished program passed down through generations, and emphasised the importance of equipping children with the tools for a sustainable future.

Since its debut in 1978, the “Once Upon a Time...” saga, now part of the Hello Maestro brand, has remained a continuous presence on French television and has been translated into 80 languages, captivating audiences worldwide. Maestro's legacy continues in over 100 countries.

The series, supported by a scientific committee, upholds rigorous standards of accuracy, and is designed to empower children to analyse information independently. Additionally, it makes sciences more accessible, demonstrating their practical applications.

Recognised for its academic rigor, the series was awarded the "National Learning Program" label by the French Ministry of Education in 2020. The programs maintain a humanistic, agnostic, apolitical, and non-gendered stance, presenting iconic characters for children to identify with easily and joyfully.

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