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Endemol Shine Italy Launches AI-Powered Entertainment Format

Date: 2023-09-19

Endemol Shine Italy Launches AI-Powered Entertainment Format

The division of Banijay Italy, Endemol Shine, has joined forces with Rai to introduce the innovative comedy entertainment format – Fake Show (Diffidate delle imitazioni). By: Theng Min Yee

Italian broadcaster Rai and Banijay-owned Endemol Shine Italy has teamed up to produce an entertainment format, which will be enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). The original concept, hosted by renowned Italian actor, comedian, and author Max Giusti, invites celebrities to demonstrate their improvisational prowess by embodying various characters, dialects, objects, sounds, and even fellow figures from the entertainment industry. Adding an extra layer of humour, an AI system generates unexpected scenarios, rules, and games to accompany them.

Set to premiere in prime time on Rai this fall, Diffidate delle imitazioni promises an evening filled with laughter, showcasing the realms of impersonation, improvisation, and imitation. The incorporation of AI in creating offbeat sketches is expected to captivate audiences, ensuring repeat viewing pleasure.

CEO of Endemol Shine Italy, Leonardo Pasquinelli, expressed enthusiasm for the format, acknowledging the talent behind its development and delivery, particularly their accomplished host, Max Giusti.

James Townley, Chief Content Officer for Development at Banijay, emphasized the ongoing demand for lighthearted formats that bring smiles to viewers' faces. He anticipates that Fake Show will deliver exactly that, with its groundbreaking use of AI technology. The format's adaptability and ability to engage audiences signify a promising future for the show.

Fake Show stands as an example of how innovation in entertainment formats, coupled with the integration of cutting-edge technology, can create engaging and memorable viewing experiences. As the show prepares to debut on Rai, it is poised to redefine comedy entertainment for audiences in Italy and beyond.

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