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Skybound Entertainment and Fuji TV Join Forces for Live-Action Adaptation of Graphic Novel

Date: 2023-09-19

Skybound Entertainment and Fuji TV Join Forces for Live-Action Adaptation of Graphic Novel

The producer of famed series, The Walking Dead, will be partnering with Japan’s Fuji TV to produce live-action series – Heart Attack. By: Theng Min Yee

Skybound Entertainment, the production company behind the hit series The Walking Dead, is teaming up with Japan's Fuji TV to bring the graphic novel Heart Attack to life in a live-action adaptation. The co-production arrangement will involve Fuji TV airing the series in Japan, while Skybound will handle global distribution. Production is slated to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Heart Attack, originally a graphic novel series created by Shawn Kittelsen and illustrated by Eric Zawadzki, immerses viewers in a post-pandemic world where gene therapy has eradicated diseases in America, giving rise to a new group known as Variants. These individuals possess extraordinary powers, leading to government denial of their basic human rights.

The adaptation will revolve around a poignant love story between two teenagers hailing from different backgrounds. Their connection unlocks a hidden power, compelling them to battle for their existence and freedom in a world fraught with irrationality and adversity.

The decision to bring Heart Attack to the small screen exemplifies Skybound's innovative 'Wheel of Awesome' business model, which empowers creators to expand their intellectual property across various platforms, including film, television, gaming, live events, and merchandising.

Rick Jacobs, Managing Partner of Linear Content at Skybound Entertainment, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Fuji TV, emphasizing the emotionally charged and visually striking world crafted by Kittelsen and Zawadzki. He looks forward to delivering an unforgettable television experience to a global audience.

Toru Ota, Executive VP of Fuji TV, highlighted the strategic importance of partnering with Skybound on 'Heart Attack' for Fuji Television's global business endeavours. Ota is confident that the series will captivate sci-fi enthusiasts with its exploration of themes such as power, love, and oppression within the narrative. The collaboration aims to cultivate new intellectual property and extend Fuji Television's footprint in the US market.

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