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IABG Teleport and ABS Mark Seven Years of Partnership

Date: 2023-09-20

IABG Teleport and ABS Mark Seven Years of Partnership

Renowned provider of satellite communication solutions, IABG Teleport, and global satellite operator, ABS, seals long-standing partnership in pioneering satellite communications. By: Theng Min Yee

Ottobrunn — IABG Teleport and ABS are celebrating the fruitful and enduring 7th anniversary of their strategic alliance. Since its inception, this collaboration has been a catalyst for innovation, reliability, and expansion within the satellite communications industry. Over the past seven years, their joint efforts have consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions and exceptional services, reshaping the global landscape of satellite communications.

Among the noteworthy milestones achieved during this partnership is the Managed Services on ABS-2 MENA Platform. This platform has played a crucial role in providing extensive coverage for the Middle East and North Africa, facilitating both fixed and mobile Ku-band solutions. Its unwavering stability has been particularly invaluable for governmental and corporate clients, even in challenging environments.

The Managed Services on ABS-3A Platform also played an important role in the partnership. The introduction of the Ku-band platform on ABS-3A has extended service coverage to West African countries. The synergy between ABS and IABG ground infrastructure in this expansion has resulted in enhanced connectivity and communication options in the region.

The Dedicated Satellite Communications link between Northern Australia and Germany equally established a secure dedicated communications link between Northern Australia and Germany, utilising ABS-2's C-band capacity to serve governmental applications.

This partnership has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing satellite communication technologies, setting industry benchmarks, and elevating connectivity options for customers across various sectors.

Frank Bauner, Managing Director at IABG Teleport, stated: "We are thrilled to commemorate this significant milestone of our partnership with ABS. Our collaboration consistently embodies the power of synergy, technological innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that exceed customer expectations."

Ramsey Khanfour, Chief Commercial Officer at ABS, echoed this sentiment, stating, "ABS takes immense pride in celebrating seven years of successful collaboration with IABG Teleport. Our combined expertise and ground infrastructure have enabled us to navigate the evolving demands of the industry, expanding our global reach while providing clients with unparalleled services and connectivity options."

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