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BBC Studios Establishes a Global Entertainment Unit

Date: 2023-09-22

BBC Studios Establishes a Global Entertainment Unit

The prominent British content company will be combining its three format areas and bringing together its worldwide network of production bases, creating a fresh unified global entertainment sector. By: Theng Min Yee

In a strategic move to penetrate the global markets, BBC Studios has established a global entertainment unit that integrates their various format areas and worldwide production bases. This new division will bring together entertainment, music, factual, events, international productions, and formats teams, forming a freestanding genre.

The global entertainment unit consists of various production companies, including Mothership Productions, Mettlemouse Entertainment, Magnum Media, Final Straw Productions, Rebel Rebel Pictures, and Hungry Bear Media. Under the new label, these companies will continue working with their existing business partners.

BBC veteran Matt Forde will assume the position of managing director, leading the global entertainment team. Presently overlooking international productions and formats, he will head the team on top of his current responsibilities.

Reporting to Forde, Hannah Wyatt and Suzy Lamb, will head the UK-based factual entertainment, events, and music team. The trio will collaborate to form a new leadership board that targets various business areas.

Ralph Lee, CEO of BBC Studios Productions, said: “Taking our formats success to another level is key to our long-term growth, and this move is in response to the substantial changes in the global market where there’s a very high demand for more familiar and trusted brands. Matt’s track record in recognising the global appeal of our shows and overseeing their successful adoption by partners in multiple territories is second to none, and I’m delighted he’s agreed to lead this new business.”

Forde added: “As the global entertainment market continues to evolve at pace, bringing our U.K. businesses into the center of what we do will help us to continue creating, selling and adapting the best shows and brands from the U.K., working with the amazing talent in our local BBC Studios offices to deliver the next generation of entertainment and reality programs to the world.”

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