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Warner Bros and Amazon Bring More Live Sports to UK

Date: 2023-09-22

Warner Bros and Amazon Bring More Live Sports to UK

More live sports will be made available for viewing in the UK through the partnership of Warner Bros and Amazon, offering diversified sports and entertainment content - accessible on-demand. By: Dylan Low

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) and Amazon Prime Video have officially signed a deal in the UK, releasing a premium version of WBD streamer Discovery+ that is available for viewing on Prime Video Channels, inclusive of live football matches courtesy of TNT Sports. 

Discovery+ Premium will provide rights to all UEFA Champions League (UCL) games and selected English Premier League (EPL) games, via TNT Sports owned by WBD. Entertainment content, namely shows like Richard Hammond‘s workshop, 90 Day Fiancé UK and Faking It, is additionally televised.

TNT Sports, a collaboration between WBD and UK telco BT, broadcasts 52 Premier League matches a season under the current rights package, replacing BT Sport in July.

Discovery+ Premium furthermore showcases Premiership Rugby, MotoGP, UFC, Boxing and WWE via TNT sports, inclusive of notable sporting events such as the Australian Open, Roland Garros Cycling events, world-class cycling events and Olympics 2024 in Paris, available for broadcasting through Eurosport.

UK director Chris Bird of Amazon Prime Video claimed: “This extension of our partnership with Warner Bros Discovery will give our Prime Video customers in the UK access to the best sports and entertainment, all in one place.”

“Discovery+ Premium is now the home to some of the best real-life entertainment content and the most sought-after sports events with the integration of Premier League, Champions League and Premiership Rugby among others through TNT Sports.” continued Andrew Georgiou, President and MD at WBD UK & Ireland and WBD Sports Europe.

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