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The South International Series Festival Reveals Exciting Lineup

Date: 2023-09-25

The South International Series Festival Reveals Exciting Lineup

On 6th October, the festival will open with the screening of TV series La Ley del Mar, followed by 45 series from 10 different countries that will be shown across the week. By: Theng Min Yee

The contents of the first edition of the South International Series Festival were unveiled in Madrid’s Sala Berlanga. Held in Cádiz, from October 6th to 12th, the festival aims to unite fans of various TV series, as well as the audiovisual industry. The programme will consist of more than 100 activities that are catered to audiovisual industry professionals and 62 screenings of series in varying formats.

From a wide pool of half a thousand titles from various countries, South’s selection committee has picked 45 series that will feature as the protagonists of the Official Section, to be distributed in five different sections. Additionally, the festival will include previews and screenings of more than 60 titles, which come in the form of fiction and non-fiction productions.

The Official Selection for the fiction category will see the screening of La Ley del Mar, a TV series produced by Spanish production house Studio60 RTVE and A punt. Inspired by a true story, this series portrays the story of a boat from Santa Pola called 'Francisco y Catalina', which was the first European fishing boat that rescued 51 sub-Saharan immigrants adrift in international waters in the Mediterranean. Other series to be featured include UK production Nolly, French series Of Money and Blood, and Israeli series Carthago, amongst many others.

The non-fiction category equally presents various TV series that were selected by the festival committee, which consist of Spanish productions Malaya. Operación secreta, Bretón, La mirada del diablo, and Macarena, and many more titles from different regions.

Apart the Official Selections, the festival will also put a spotlight on released titles that deserved to be viewed by a wider audience. Uncovered gems, like Halt and Catch Fire (United States), Lola (Spain), and Peace peace now now (Chile), will be making their second debut on the festival.

Notably, the region of Andalusia will be the protagonist of the South Series. Prominent for their exponentially rising industry, the Andalusian audiovisual sector will be spotlighted in the festival, with more than 20 activities dedicated to showcase their talents. In equal measure, Africa will be highlighted, offering viewers a chance to uncover productions from the continent.

Beyond premiering and previewing series that will be airing from 2023 to 2024, the South Series will also preview shows that are currently in production, such as the second season of El inmortal, En busca de Cortés.

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