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ITV Hires New Chief Technology Officer

Date: 2023-09-26

ITV Hires New Chief Technology Officer

The British Free-to-air broadcast TV network has recently appointed the current News UK CTO Simon Farnsworth as their new chief technology officer, as he will make the transition to ITV early 2024. By: Dylan Low


Crucial for ITV’s digital transformation, Simon Farnsworth will have the duty of leading the network’s group technology strategy as he will take charge to oversee infrastructure, tech architecture and innovation.


He will officially be a member of the management board and begin work at ITV early next year, reporting to Chief Financial Officer, Chris Kennedy.


Currently working as CTO at News UK, he is responsible for leading a new technology strategy across the company’s businesses. He also previously worked as CTO for Warner Bro’s Discovery Technology and Operations division, where he is currently overseeing the delivery of all Discovery’s Video Products to all its platforms on a global scale.


ITV CEO Carolyn McCall said, “Technology is such a critical part of our company and key to ITV’s ongoing strategy and business objectives. The success of ITVX and Planet V, our programmatic video advertising platform, highlights the importance of technology for both our viewers and advertisers and Simon has a proven track record of delivering tech innovation and furthering its capabilities. We are really looking forward to working with him when he joins ITV to super-charge the next stage of our development in this area.”

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