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Japanese Psychological Thriller Gannibal in for Season 2

Date: 2023-09-26

Japanese Psychological Thriller Gannibal in for Season 2

SINGAPORE - After a gripping first season that ended with a spine-tingling cliffhanger, cast Yuya Yagira, Show Kasaamtsu and Riho Yoshioka reprise their roles for the thrilling conclusion of this must-watch narrative. By Wee Yan Ling

Yuya Yagira is nominated for Best Actor at the upcoming Busan International Film Festival’s Asia Contents Awards & Global OTT Awards. The show earned the most watched locally produced original series on Disney+ in Japan during its premiere and the second season is returning exclusively on Disney+.


Featuring prominent figures from the Japanese creative landscape, the second season will bring back familiar faces: Yuya Yagira as police officer Daigo Agawa, Show Kasamatsu in the role of Keisuke Goto, the head of the Goto family, and Riho Yoshioka portraying Yuki Agawa, Daigo's resilient and supportive wife. 


Additionally, season two will welcome the return of acclaimed screenwriter and Academy Award-nominee Takamasa Oe, director Shinzo Katayama, and producer Teruhisa Yamamoto, known for his involvement in the 2022 Academy Award-winning film, Drive My Car.


Set in an imaginary Japanese village, the first season of Gannibal introduced the character of Daigo Agawa, a recently relocated police officer who arrived at his new residence emotionally scarred. Struggling with the guilt stemming from an event that traumatised his daughter, the series initially held promise for his fresh start. 


However, a string of alarming incidents soon led Daigo to a chilling realisation: something was profoundly amiss with both the villagers and the enigmatic Goto family.


The first season embarked the viewers on an emotional roller coaster due to the suspenseful twists to bring forth the gripping and heart-pounding cliffhanger. In season two, mysteries were delved into and we witness Daigo’s quest to counter the seemingly unconquerable threats that hinder their way and bring the Goto family justice.


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