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Expendables 4 Falls Short in Box Office behind Nun II’s lead

Date: 2023-09-27

Expendables 4 Falls Short in Box Office behind Nun II’s lead

The fourth instalment in the Expendables series fizzled in their box office debut and earned the lowest in franchise history of $8.3 million, falling behind The Nun II on their third weekend. By: Dylan Low

The Expendables 4 Distributed by LionsGate Films

The sequel of the Nun collected $8.4 million ahead of The Expendables 4, with the possibility it may switch when the results become official. Despite this, the total movie ticket sales have accumulated the lowest profit this year, with no film hitting above $10 million.

Entering last weekend, the fourth instalment of Expendables was expected to make $15 million from all 3,400 theatres in North America. However, with no supportive reviews or comments about the movie, the numbers for its opening weekend failed to make anywhere close to Expendables 3 with $15.8 million, the sequel with $28.5 million and the original first movie with $34.8 million.

David A. Gross, the owner of movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research Critics, stated, “The last two ‘Expendables’ have dropped sharply from the previous episodes, and the weekend figure is below average for the genre,” and mentioned “reviews are poor and audience ratings are dull.”

Despite the decreasing popularity of the Expendables series with a drop of $103 million made from the first film to only $39 million in the latest Expendables 4 film, these movies have succeeded in the international scene, as the first three installations earned at least $200 million globally. The latest fourth instalment to the series has cost $100 million to make, comparatively similar to the other three.

Directed by Scott Waugh, The Expendables 4 showcases a team of teflon operatives with a mission to stop terrorists threatening to cause conflict between Russia and the United States.

“The movie was not cheap to make,” Gross further explains. “While ancillary income should be strong, it appears the film will have a hard time getting to profitability after marketing and distribution costs.”

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