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Revenue to Increase Threefold of $20BN for Hybrid SVOD & AVOD

Date: 2023-09-27

Revenue to Increase Threefold of $20BN for Hybrid SVOD & AVOD

The Hybrid AVOD-SVOD sector predicts a substantial upswing in the sector over the upcoming six years due to their exponential growth. This is due to the AVOD sector growing and complementing a subscription SVOD sector. By: Wee Yan Ling

Digital TV Research unveiled that Netflix, Disney+, HBO and Paramount+ will produce hybrid AVOD and SVOD revenues of $20BN by 2029. An increase from their $6BN back in 2023 per new figures. The revenues will be impartially shared between AVOD & SVOD. 


The future of global reach of the major streaming services is a subject of significant interest. It has been projected that Netflix and Disney+ will extend their presence to a substantial 46 countries. Similarly, HBO Max is expected to expand their footprint to 35 countries and Paramount+ making its offering in 37 countries. 


“These platforms are expected to roll out hybrid AVOD-SVOD tiers to the world’s top advertising markets in the near future,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research commenting on the Hybrid AVOD-SVOD Forecasts report. “These forecasts are a lot lower than our previous ones as the platforms have delayed and/or scaled back their expansion plans.”


When considering their financial performance, Netflix is projected to generate $3.1BN in AVOD and $3.3BN in SVOD by 2029. In the meantime, Disney+ is expected to secure substantial gains. With projections indicating revenue of $3.5 billion from AVOD and a matching $3.3 billion from SVOD within the same timeframe. Simultaneously, Paramount+ is poised to attain significant financial milestones as well, with expectations of reaching $2BN in AVOD and $1.7BN in SVOD.  

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