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The Fragile Colossus awarded Grand Prize at Seoul International Drama Awards 2023

Date: 2023-09-27

The Fragile Colossus awarded Grand Prize at Seoul International Drama Awards 2023

The Fragile Colossus, from France, is awarded the Grand Prize of Seoul International Drama Awards 2023. The Seoul Drama Awards Organising Committee presented the Golden Bird Prize to Min Sik Choi and Big Bet from Korea. By: Wee Yan Ling

The Fragile Colossus Distributed by Unifrance

The grand prize winner of the International Competition was awarded to The Fragile Colossus, from France. It narrates the story of a well-known rugby player, Sébastien, who suffered from sexual assault as a child, trying to prevent damage to a boy who is put in the same situation he was once in. The juries reviewed the show to have dealt with important issues in depth. The title has won 3 trophies with the director of the film, Stéphanie Murat, awarded Best Director and Aude Marcle awarded Best Screenwriter.

The Golden Bird Prize is only awarded to dramas and individuals that have made a dent in the industry in both their quality and popularity in the scene. SDAOC said, “Big Bet which showed the capabilities of K-drama and actor Min Sik Choi who played in Big Bet were selected as the first Golden Bird winners."

Drama directors including Yun Seong Kang (Big Bet), Dae Yoon Jung (Reborn Rich), and IN Sik Yoo (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), screenwriters, actor Sung Min Lee, singer Ho Joong Kim, CEOs of renowned production companies globally and authorities of OTT services such as Netflix and Tencent Video had participated the event. 

The 18th Seoul International Drama Awards is the world’s first festival that deals solely with dramas. 

The Award Ceremony was held on 21st September by the Seoul Drama Awards Organising Committee (SDAOC) at KBS hall at 6pm. The Grand Prize and Golden Bird Prize were being awarded to 11 dramas and 15 individuals. 

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